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I believe in a small centralized government that protects the interests of all people. The government should be working for the benefit of all, not only special interest groups or lobbyists. I believe that the State bureaucracy has accumulated too much power and is not accountable to the people.

I am a supporter of local control.

I believe local control prevents special interest groups from influencing law makers by bringing power closer to the people.

2nd Amendment & Constitutional Carry:

I support constitutional carry without additional restrictions. I believe that people with an intent to harm others can and will obtain weapons illegally.


I am pro life, and support bills similar to the heartbeat bill. I also do not believe that a decision to terminate life should be decided by a medical professional or the government. 


We should continue funding DPS reinforcement at the border and hold Washington accountable for failing to secure the border and for failing to reform immigration laws.

Criminal Justice Reform:

We need criminal justice reform; excessive incarceration for minor offenses is a financial burden on taxpayers and is detrimental to a productive society. The current system has not reduced drug use or the negative effects of chemical dependency in in our communities.  I support the decriminalization of marijuana for personal use. 

 Government Reform:

Policy revisions are needed for agencies, such as the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (CPS) that promote integrity & working relationships, not just a fear-based response. DFPS, therefore, should be held to the same standard as law enforcement and should not be able to violate people's constitutionally protected rights. I believe that qualified immunity should be reexamined for both the state and for those who are acting in a governmental capacity.

All agencies and state officials should be required to be educated on public corruption and its negative impact on the people to whom they are accountable. I believe agency policies and practices should focus on customer service and respect for the people they serve. 


I believe in public education, but it should provide a foundation for successful working adults with less emphasis on standardized testing and state control. I oppose any attempts at privatization of public schools on a mass scale. The Texas Teacher Retirement system should allow for cost of living increases. 


The 2019 legislature failed to address the issue of skyrocketing property values assessed by the appraisal districts and school finance. I believe that we could potentially use a marijuana tax as a additional stream of income to alleviate some of the financial burden placed on property owners. 

Because the Texas Constitution, as written intended for the Texas government to be limited in nature, we need legislators who understand the extent of overreach and the true meaning of limited government.  

I acknowledge that the above represents my stance on these issues and may not necessarily reflect that of the majority of the constituents. The role of the legislator is to represent the voice of the voters, not necessarily their own.

God Bless Texas. 

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